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Dozens of RBI graduates have been launched into the ministry in many different places across the globe. Below are just some of the powerful testimonies of what God has done in and through the lives of RBI alumni.

Corey & Rose Erman

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The Lord brought us to RBI in 2001. We finished 3 years of RBI graduating in 2004 and continued working on staff in RMI for 6 consecutive years. God launched us to our own ministry, Reach International, in 2011 when we felt the call of God back to our home nation Finland, and where we are currently traveling full time as evangelists.  

We are thankful for the ministry of RMI and RBI for equipping us for a solid ministry.  Everywhere we go in our mission field Finland, people receive the simple gospel message we preach as "this is exactly what we need." It is the word preached in faith that brings clarity to often confused Christians and makes the vision clear! People are also encouraged by our life and family in general. We know we owe all this to the ministry of Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne for shaping us and raising us to be what we are today!  It took us 10 years for the word to grow in us. You cannot give what you don't have. Take time to get trained!  In RBI the word was implanted to us, the presence of the Holy Spirit was molding us and of course a  lot's of hands on training!!  to equip us for everything we need to run our own ministry. We believe we got the all the necessary equipment from RBI to make it in the ministry and fulfill what the call of God in our lives.  This school launched us to the full-time ministry!

Pastors Tomi & Sanna Lehto
Benjamin & Jackie Kroeske

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Jana Pauls

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Tommy & Heather Burns

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Jeremiah & Julia Thomas

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Tara Levi Spiker

"RBI was such an important and vital season of my life. The teaching and impartation that I received revolutionized my life and gave me the foundation of the Word of God that I needed. I received practical teaching and truth in so many crucial areas, including evangelism, serving, faith, and finances. RBI was pivotal in setting me on course for the call of God on my life."


After graduating RBI, Tara became a part of the RMI staff, starting in the Hospitality department, then RBI, and later became the Ministry of Helps Director. Shortly after that, she launched into preaching full time, and had the opportunity to minister in Europe and America.


"I had revival services, led outreaches, had kingdom business meetings, and taught in Bible schools.  On one of my ministry trips to Norway, I got to know my husband Brandon Levi Spiker.  He also lived in Florida and was preaching the gospel all over the globe.  Now as a married couple, we travel together preaching the gospel. We work with churches in regards to outreach, leadership, staff development, and the ministry of helps."

Zachary Weber

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